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Making An Interface Work With JAXB

I have a Customer class that contains a List of type Product where Product is an interface. I annotated the Customer class with the @XmlRootElement(name=”customer”) annotation and attempted to do a maven clean and maven install. Upon doing the install (which does a compile also) I received an error that JAXB doesn’t work with interfaces. After googling for a solution, I found this stackoverflow post – . After updating my compiler plugin with the compilerArgument tag it worked, it is as follows:


The java interface for Product now includes annotations as follows:

public interface Product {
 public void setId(String id);
 public String getId();

public void setName(String name);
 public String getName();

public void setCost(BigDecimal cost);
 public BigDecimal getCost();


And that’s it… Oh, I also had to add a default no-arg constructor to my Customer class.


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