Code, JavaEE

CQRS – Making Sense of the Workflow

1. User Interface – user clicks create button to create a new Task.

2. Controller -> Validator -> JMSMessageSender (send to Queue.Request and JMSType=’CreateTaskRequest’)

3. JSON created and send over queue

{ "command":"pkg.CreateTask", "task": { "description":"Learn CQRS end to end with an example", "complete":"false", "timestamp":"1234567890" } }

4. JMS Listener (onMessage(Message message))

CreateTaskCommand command = convertMessageToCommand (message);

 CreateTaskHandler handler = new CreateTaskHandler(command);



 Task task = new Task(Uuid(), command.description, command.complete);;    // store to in memory store and database

 TaskCreatedEvent taskCreatedEvent = new TaskCreatedEvent(task);



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