Code, JavaEE

Application Design Session – Conference Attendee

one has a set of users

users have (id, fname, lname, street num, street, city, postal code,area code, phone num)

staff can query users by full name (fname, lname)

results may return multiple users with same name filter returned data by
– postal code
– phone number

final int LIMIT_USERS_TO_RETURN = 100;

UserQuery query = new UserQueryImpl();

List<User> usersList = query.findAll(LIMIT_USERS_TO_RETURN);

public List<User> filterUsers(String filterKey, String filterValue) {
    List<User> listToReturn = new LinkedList<>();
    if (filterKey.equalsIgnoreCase(POSTAL_CODE)) {
        // filter the list
        listToReturn = filterByPostalCode(filterValue);
    } else if (filterKey.equalsIgnoreCase(PHONE_NUMBER)) {
        listToReturn = filterByPhoneNumber(filterValue);

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