Changing Careers?

There are many people who are happy working day to day in their profession. Some are blue-collar, green-collar or white-collar, others may be business owners. Whether the work week is forty hours or more, if one if satisfied and content, then the work is easy even at stressful moments.

We all know someone (or it may be you) who says, “I can’t wait for Friday to come so I can get out of this office!”

I think job satisfaction can be found, at times it requires a career change. Changing careers require planning and commitment, consider the following questions on your quest for work fulfillment.

  1. What careers are good candidates for me given my knowledge, experience and goals?
  2. What is required of me to transition (emotionally, financially, etc..) into a new career?
  3. Do I have an idea of what the day to day work is really like?
  4. What excites me about a prospective new opportunity?
  5. What is not so exciting?
  6. If money were not a consideration, would I think this is a great career choice?
  7. Given a long term view, is this really what I want to do?

Think about it, when one has a good work-life balance, life is golden. This is possible for everyone!



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